Internal & External Network Penetration Testing

Internal & External Network Penetration Testing

Armour Infosec includes internal network scanning and human-assisted testing capabilities that enable organizations to assess and manage their internal vulnerabilities for both cloud and hybrid networks.

In contrast, a Network Pen Tester will engage in what’s called ethical hacking. These security professionals will set up tests that behave as if they came from a real digital criminal. By simulating actual attacks, computer, internet, and Network Penetration Testing will uncover exactly how systems respond to an actual cybersecurity threat. The security professionals will also provide clear remediation advice that may apply to software, hardware, or even the human side of managing complex digital systems.

Our reports immediately qualify for both your compliance and vendor assessment needs. Our experts ensure that the scans are augmented by manual testing techniques to ensure zero false positives. Network vulnerability assessment may take from 3-4 days (for a small network) to 2-3 weeks (for midsize and large networks). The process requires a team of a lead security engineer and a security engineer.

Armour Infosec platform includes an automated external security scanner that enables organizations to find their external network vulnerabilities. The platform examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities and suggests remediation techniques. You get automated alerts while remaining in total control.


Our Methodology


Before an application assessment can take place, Armour Infosec defines a clear scope of the client. Open communication between Armour Infosec and the client organization is encouraged at this stage to establish a comfortable foundation from which to assess.


Our engineers collect as much information as they can on the target, employing a myriad of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools and techniques. The assembled information will assist us with understanding the working states of the association, which permits us to evaluate the risk precisely as the engagement progresses.


At this stage, we consolidate computerized contents and instruments, among different strategies in further developed data gathering. Our experts closely inspect any conceivable assault vectors. The accumulated data from this stage will be on the basis for exploitation in the upcoming stage.


In this step, we initiate both manual & automated security scan to find all possible attack vectors & vulnerabilities. After this, we run exploits on the application to evaluate its security. We use different methods and open-source scripts and in-house tools to gain a high degree of penetration. All these are done cautiously to secure your application and its information


This is the final stage of the whole assessment process. In this stage, the Armour's analysts aggregate all obtained information and provide the client with a thorough, comprehensive detailing of our findings. Our team will discuss the report and find the appropriate solutions for the bugs located. After that, a comprehensive discussion will be carried out to fix these vulnerabilities .

We perform testing based on the OWASP Testing Guide(v4), along with customised testing frameworks.

  • Network Vulnerability scan planning and design
    Defining network vulnerability assessment goals (e.g., network segmentation check, malware scanning). Selecting a vulnerability scanning tool that can be configured to bypass specific network firewall rules and restrictions. Checking a checklist of the network segment and software to be assessed. Scheduling the vulnerability scan.

  • Configuring the Scan
    Defining target IPs by specifying hardware or software they belong to. Scanning the network for open ports and defining port ranges and protocol types(TCP/UDP). Setting up the aggressiveness level of the scan, its duration, and completeness notifications.

  • Scanning for Vulnerability
    Scanning the targeted networks and software via manually tuned automated scanning tool.

  • Analysis of the Scan Results
    Manually filtering out false positive and validating the identified security vulnerabilities. Analysis root causes and potential impact of the found vulnerabilities.

  • Reporting the vulnerabilities discovered
    Creating a remediation and mitigation plan for discovered vulnerabilities. Delivering a detailed final report with recommendations for remediation and mitigation of the discovered vulnerabilities.

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Armour Infosec provided to the point and in-depth vulnerabilities details, which was greatly beneficial to us. We are an exclusive community of testers delivers the real-time insights you need to remediate risk quickly and innovate securely.

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